Stephan Silverbayne (stefsilverbayne) wrote in mechanix_ic,
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Post Aka Link To Miskah

"Hey, Miskah, thought I'd drop you a link, might get you to come have a drink with me at Immortal pub, if you can. If not, maybe sometime soon?"

He shut the link down and put it in his jacket pocket."Hope she gets it, if not, I'm on my own tonight."
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"Stef, I got your message. Sorry that I can't make it tonight. Tomorrow would be better perhaps, see you then?"

Shut the link down, thinking about this. Stephan wanted to see her? She wonder what for, then decided that to go there would be the easiest way to find out why!
Hearing the link go off, he clicks it open to hear it, when he was done, he frowned, before he put on a smile,for her then clicked to her.

"Hey Miskah, that sounds good. But I don't know if I'll be around, work is work. I guess at your club is fine, you don't get out much.So, we will see"Clicked it off and put his link into his pocket, so he could head for home.