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So tired...

He was sore all over... And not in a good way, either. He'd found his father... Or, more appropriately, his father had found him. Garrett Morris was the kind of being you didn't want as an enemy... Then again, Aidan wasn't someone you wanted as an enemy either! The encounter hadn't gone the way either of them had wanted it to...

Aidan had survived.

But so had Garrett.

The cost had been high for both of them... Garrett had lost a good many of his servants, while Aidan had lost something more personal and precious.

Somewhere along the way, Aidan lost his humanity.

Everything pained him now...

He hadn't gone out in weeks.

He couldn't even use moonlight to see, because it hurt his overly sensitive eyes.

He ate the meat in his icebox raw, because cooking made him cringe away in pain.

He had to shield his skin from the moon because it left searing lesions that were red and raw in moments.

He couldn't even make a holo-vid call because touching the buttons broke open the skin on his fingertips.

Aidan hadn't become JUST a vampire.

He'd become something far worse...

Aidan was a Shadow Kindred, a vampire that lived for the shadows and hid themselves as much as possible because even moonlight and sources of artificial illumination caused them extreme pain.

But what they had in common with their light tolerant cousins was a need for blood...

And for Aidan, it was feeding time.
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