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Running a hand along the wall she was walking next to she studied everything around her. She had only been here in Mechanix for a short time and she had yet to find a place here. Her bangs curled under her chin as she sighed softly. The sounds of the city surrounded her, everyone had a place to be, a job to do and she was the odd one out.

"Why did I even bother coming to this city?" She wondered to herself, but she knew why. She was no longer welcome in the city that she'd grown up in, her family had turned their backs on her when they'd discovered that she was different from them. She'd hidden what she'd become from them, but it had only lasted so long. Her mother had been the first to find out, then shortly her father and then brothers. Shuddering she remembered the day that they all told her to pack her things and leave. The looks in their eyes as she regarded her as a monster. Well, she was a monster in a way wasn't she? Shaking her head she stopped walking and leaned back against the wall, her eyes closing as she heard the words once again echoing in her head.

"You not the daughter we once had, you're nothing now but a monster." Her mother and father had both said.

"Just get out and leave, if you ever come back we'll kill you. Our sister is dead in our eyes and you are nothing."

She'd flown out of the house without taking her things with her, let them burn everything. She had wanted nothing that would remind her of the family that had cast her out.

Now she was here, trying to shove away the hurt that her family had given her. Her heart was beginning to turn cold, she swore to herself that she would never let anyone get close to her, never trust anyone. But what did a vampire need to trust someone for?

Pushing herself away from the wall she began to walk again, listening to all of the sounds around her but not looking at anything. She'd heard about a club in the city called Immortal Club and that was where she was heading. Maybe she could watch others around her and just get the feel of this place.

Finding the club she stepped inside slowly and made her way to the back, finding a darkened corner where she could sit and watch the door. Her eyes moved this way and that, keeping her energy tightly wrapped inside of her body she kept a sigh from passing her lips as she leaned back in the chair, crossing one leg over the other. Maybe this city would welcome her, so far it was definately not like her home town. And she liked knowing that at least here no one knew her or what she was.
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