Miskah Derin (miskah_derin) wrote in mechanix_ic,
Miskah Derin

Scarlet Desires: Open for Business (Thread Closed)

As long as there's no more accidents! Miskah thought as she walked down the steps and opened the door to the club. The rain was still pouring down, but the steady stream of customers coming in the doors told her that the night was going well, even with the accident.

Taby was upstairs in her room by now, two of the others with her and the poor fellow had been taken away to the were hosipital. Sad that they would need one in the city, but there was numerous werefolk about that just didn't heal like a normal folk would. So it called for the hospital.

Brushing her hair back over her shoulder, she walked over to the bar counter and leaned there. Why not take a bit of time to survey the crowd and see who all came inside tonight?
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