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Emerson Jakarah: -the ding on her computer made her blink. Another message, great. When she opened it, she read it over, looking at the picture.So, this was Garrett? She tapped her chin, then sent a message to her unit, telling them that she would take the case, because Aidan now was one of friends. After it had been sent, she passed the image to her handheld computer, then put it in her pocket. It was time to leave work. She made her way through the building, putting the codes up as she went. When she shut the last door, she shook her head, since the headache was back.She was still limping around from the last fight. It had been rough and she had fought zombies alone. Thayne had been busy that night, and so she had worked another shift. -(c)

Emerson Jakarah: -Looking up at the sky, she saw the fog. It had rolled in pretty thick. People still kept on flying. She put her hands into her pockets, and went for Keegan's, to do one last look.-

Thayne: -Shakes his head as he looks over the place, utterly trashed. It'd been one hell of a mess, and Keegan.. they weren't sure if he was dead or not. Cursing, he kicked his foot hard against the ground , scraping his boot on the pavement. What the hell had happened? It was just like some surprise attack that they just weren't expecting and now because of it a bunch of people were dead, others were hurt. But at least the attackers were dead. Brushed his hair back from his eyes, starting to turn and walk away from Keegan's place to head home. Nothing he could do here.-

Emerson Jakarah: -she had her head set on, listening to the reports, and saying notes as she walked a long the path. As she got to Keegan's, she pulled out her palm light, turning it on. Then she spoke softly,"It was shattered from the inside out. Wererats from the look of things."She kicked over something, finding the cam."I found the cam that watched over, I'll see if it works."She hooked it into her computer and started jiggling to see if it would work. Then it started to load.-

Thayne: -Stopped and listened, hearing a voice behind him. A woman's voice. Turned around and walked back to Keegan's, looking in to see his beautiful mate there, working. "Em.." just said that, his voice soft. His dark eyes looked over her, wondering what she was doing. Would she constantly be working now? Would he see her at all? He knew she'd been hurt, it still pissed him off he hadn't been there to help her.-

Emerson Jakarah: -hearing Thayne's voice, she glanced up at him."Hey love."She held her hand out to him, hoping he'd take it. The video was loading, then it beeped because it was finished."Looks like it's finished. Do you want to see the tape of the attack?"She waited for him to say yes or no. If not, she would watch it. Her eyes scanned the area, and looked up at the rolling clouds. It would rain. And she would have to put the seal down to keep it from getting wet.-

Thayne: -reaches out to put his hand into hers, lacing his fingers through hers. "Always working now aren't you?" Kissed her cheek softly, then glanced at the video feed. "I'd like to see.. Keegan was a friend of ours." He frowned as he thought about that, a friend.. yet he hadn't been able to come help. Oh no, he was Hati. He couldn't quit the damned thing yet, not till the bastard found someone else. And he wasn't even looking!-

Emerson Jakarah: -she pulled him to her, and let his hand go, leaning back in to him."Ready or not here we go."She switched it on, watching as the screen lit up. The were-rats had ran in, some shifted, some not, just ripping, and killing. The blood had smashed all over the place. And Keegan was shooting at them, and he had started to climb up higher. Everyone else was being eaten alive. The cam had blood splattered on it, then it shut off, with seeing Keegan running towards the back. It shut off then. She frowned a bit.-

Thayne: -A low growl tumbled out of his throat when he seen the rats. The god damned RATS. "Son of a bitch..." One arm wrapped around Em securely, his eyes lifting and looking around the building. "I thought that it smelled like rats here.. but I just didn't know. God damn it." His fingers tightened on the arm not wrapped around her, his eyes closed tight.-

Emerson Jakarah: -snugs him tight, then moves his arms."I got to seal this off so the rain don't mess it up. We can go home after and we can talk about this, okay love?"She smiled at him,knowing how hurt he was. Keegan was a close friend to him and she had started to become friends with him. Digging out a can, she went around spraying it all over the place, watching the green seep in and lock it in place. When she was done, she put the can away and looked around. If he wanted her, she'd go to him, but she waited for him .-

Thayne: -Watched her as she sealed the place off, his eyes just looking around. After a moment he realized she'd finished and he looked at her. Holds open his arms so she'd come to him and he could wrap her up. "Let's go home, Em. I don't want to be in here any more.. "-

Emerson Jakarah: -walks over to him and hugs him tight."Okay love."She curled her arm around his waist and started for home."How was work for you love?"She wanted to know what he had been up too.Both been super busy and it was time to just be with each other. The storm was rolling in faster and she knew it would be a long rough storm.Would try and wash the streets, but it wouldn't work. Looks at the people who kept running to get home. Before too long they were at their place. She'd let him open it.-

Thayne: -"Work is work Em.. just tossing bottles and getting smiles and laughter out of people that have had bad nights. But I keep wondering.. keep thinking. Why'd this have to happen to Keegan? And why in the same hell didn't the god damned Ulfric let me go help?" He put his hand on the reader so the door opened, welcoming them in. "I'd just like to go back to being where I was when I met you. Fourth rank, nothing important. I hate being Hati." Slips his jacket and boots off, looking at her quietly.-

Emerson Jakarah: -takes her boots and jacket off, holding her palm computer in her hand."It would have gotten you kiled, why he didn't let you go.You don't know what we are in for, baby."She went to the computer room and hooked her computer to it. Speaking louder to him,"Besides, we got a lot to do.War is on another city just like ours. I know we will have to team up. Tell your Ulfric that you don't want it anymore. Try and break away. I could use you as my helper or half on my work. See, I don't got anyone on my back."She was the loner out of the group, the rest temaed up together.And they asked her to find someone she trusted-

Thayne: -rubs his head with one hand, sitting on the couch and listening to her. "I've tried Em. It's blood in and blood out. If I try to leave they'll likely kill me. I've told him I don't want Hati but he's saying I have to wait to give it up until he finds someone else suitable. Shit, I might just try and break free anyway. If they beat me to death then so be it. I'd be free. I wouldn't need the pack anymore. Wouldn't have to listen to them." Sinks down to where the top of his head was barely over the back of the couch.-

Emerson Jakarah: -when she was done, she came back into the living room, and sat down with him."I would like to have you working for me.With me. Someone who knows me so well. If I have too I'll go speak with your Ulfric.Because I'm tired of the wolves anyways and how he runs them. I got shit on him, shit the thought he had gotten rid of."She grinned and leaned into Thayne. Something he would not wish to get out.But he couldn't kill her, she had it set up that the world would see it if something happened to her.-

Thayne: -Moves his arm to wrap it around her and pull her close to him. He nuzzles the top of her head, "Wolf buisiness should stay wolf buisiness, Em. I'm afraid of what he might try to do to me.. or have done to me if you stepped in and did that." He touches under her chin softly, wanting her to look up into his eyes. "I love you Em, I don't want him coming after you, buying someone to kill you or hurt you."-

Emerson Jakarah: -she shook her head."He can't do it. I have too much on him and all of your little wolf friends. You didn't think I would just let you be un happy?He could go to jail for all he has done. Him trying to buy something to kill me is a laugh." She shrugged her shoulders and curled up more.-

Thayne: -Poked her side when she curled up on him, "Emerson.. I just worry is all. I don't want you hurt. It bugged me so bad when you got hurt. I heard about it, don't deny it." He brushes his fingers softly along her cheek, cupping her face softly with one hand. "But.. if you can do this.. and promise me you won't be hurt, then do it. I want to be free to stand at your side."-

Emerson Jakarah: -oof's when he poked her."Ouch man, that hurt."Then she grinned at him and snuggled into him more."I tell you when I get hurt, you need to know. But we haven't seen much of eachother. Not always polite to send it in a link."She put her head on his chest and listened to his heart beat.It made her happy."I can do it and not get hurt. He'd be looking at jail time for his stuff. I'll do it.And make sure you get out.Then you can work with me yes?"-

Thayne: -Slides his fingers slowly through her short hair, loving how soft it was under his touch. He shut his eyes as she listened to his heartbeat, relaxed there with her. "I'll work with you, keep you safe. Be the brave and foolish man in love if someone's trying to hurt you.." he opened his eyes and grinned down at her, teasing. "Let's do it then."-

Emerson Jakarah: -she laughed and nuzzled his chest."I'm glad you will work with me. Need someone to trust fully."She leaned up and kissed him softly."I'll work it all out and go speak to him tomorrow.And then you wont have to worry anymore."She moved onto his lap, snuggling tight to him."Let's go to bed."-
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