Silent Screams (silentxscreamss) wrote in mechanix_ic,
Silent Screams

Blood seen 'round the world..

Two worlds had been sought after, and war had been put on them. He was the master mind behind it. Like anyone knew who or what he was. Many followed him for they knew what cruel things he could do, make, and say. Walking into the black room, no one ever went in there, for fear of what he'd do to them. His hand was read, and the doors open, so he could finish going in. As he sat down at the desk, he looked at the computers."Computer on, show me Mechainx and Delaclease." The wall lit up, showing images of both worlds, giving him what he wished.

Both cites had been tapped with everything he had wished. At any giving time, he could hit a button and see into peoples lives, work,everything. Right now, he turned his eyes to the south side of Mechainx. Seeing a group of wererats, that he controlled.Moving his finger down to a red button on the desk, he hit it. The rats looked like they had been shocked, and then waited for his words. Hitting the voice changer, he spoke into it, it came out as a woman's voice,"I want you to go down to Keegan's Work Out Gym. Leave nothing behind."The rats bowed, and took off. He hit the button, so he could see the gym now. A smile played on his face as the rats rushed in. The screams, the blood splattering all over the place. It was making him proud.

When it was done, he turned his eyes to Delaclease. Hitting another button. A few zombies waited for his word."Attack the park.Leave it a bloody mess."The zombies took off to do as he told.They left nothing but blood, fire, ash in their wake.When it was done, he leaned back, watching the screens....
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