Miskah Derin (miskah_derin) wrote in mechanix_ic,
Miskah Derin

Goin' for a walk...

"You shouldn't do that Miskah, it's too risky." The bouncer was scowling at her as she finished tying up her boots. Her dark eyes lifted to study him a moment, then she lowered them again as she checked her shirt in the mirror.

"Thank you for the concern, but I think that as Nimir Ra, I should be fine. I can handle myself quite well," a darker look at her bouncer through the mirror she stood before. "I'm leaving the second in charge tonight, you will listen to his orders. If Stef or Lewis arrive, you will listen to them as well. They are Nimir Raj and I expect to have them treated as such."

The bouncer grumbled slightly, bowing his head to her. "Yes my Nimir Ra..." She moved away from the mirror and went to the door. Pausing at it to look at him again.

"What could happen? Just need a little time to think," pushing the door open she stepped out into the city's night and took a deep breath. How long had it been since she'd simply done just that? A walk to clear her thoughts.
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